Welcome to the Belmont Marketplace


    Please check your confirmation email in regards to order for your carpet. We have two trusted partners that sell carpets, OCM.com and Residence Hall Linens (RHL.org). Our Belmont Marketplace only provides a landing page for links to our trusted partners listed, receives the delivery of carpets to place in the rooms from OCM.com.

    If you ordered a carpet from OCM.com, here is their main customer service line to assist you with your order:

    OCM.com Main Customer Service Line: 800-892-8730 OR visit http://www.ocm.com/Customer_Service/ .

    Residence Hall Linens: 1-800-847-0751 OR visit online http://www.rhl.org/Help/CustomerService .

    We are working with our main representative from OCM.com to find a solution for some of the issues that are arising with carpets/rugs that are not fitting in the rooms. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are working together with them to find a solution.




    At Belmont, we understand the importance of having a positive transition into your collegiate experience. We want to assist you in feeling at ease as you start to navigate this process and transition into living in a residence hall.

    To better accommodate this transition, the Office of Residence Life at Belmont University has created the Belmont Marketplace for incoming students planning to live on campus in the Fall 2016 semester.

    The Belmont Marketplace is a virtual online store offering a variety of products to make your new living space feel like home. These items meet university guidelines to save you from the hassle of trying to find the right products on your own.

    Save your back! We will deliver your items to your room for you.

    We’ve got your back! We deliver your purchased items to your room.

    We take the next step by delivering your purchased items to your room so they will be waiting for you when you arrive to campus on move-in day!

    Therefore, you will have fewer things to transport, fewer things to move in, and fewer last-minute trips to the store. We want to give you the ability to pack a few more things that you thought you would’ve had to leave behind!

    Family and friends, if you are looking for a great graduation gift to get your incoming Belmont student, the Belmont Marketplace is the best place to start. You wouldn’t want your gift to be left behind at home, so we will make sure that your gift will be delivered and waiting for them in the room when they arrive to campus!

    Our mission is to provide quality products, as well as the convenient service of having it delivered and waiting in the room on move-in day.

    The final deadline for all orders has been extended to:

    Monday, July 25, 2016

    If you have any questions regarding the Belmont Marketplace, please contact us at [email protected].