Frequently Asked Questions

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    When is the deadline for orders to be delivered by Move-In Day?

    In order to ensure that the product is in your room when you move in, we must have received your order by July 23, 2021 through the Marketplace product links or by ordering through our Belmont DormCo link.

    In-Room delivery is not guaranteed for students who may be arriving to campus prior to move-in weekend. If you are an early arrival to campus (moving in prior to the official Move-In Day Weekend), please notify us via email at [email protected] and we will try our best to accomodate your specific arrival date. This is generally our student athletes who have to arrive early to campus for practice for fall sports. If you are student with an early arrival, please let us know!

    I made a mistake on my order. What can I do?

    Contact the Customer Service department of DormCo by calling or emailing the following:

    If you have made a mistake on your order of a Marketplace item, please email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you!

    I do not live on campus. Can I order from Marketplace or DormCo?

    If your are living off-campus, you can order anything from DormCo. To ensure it is delivered to a specific location, just change the shipping information to reflect your specific off-campus location, and it will be delivered to that location.

    If you are off-campus, we are unable to fulfill any orders for items listed on the Belmont Marketplace, as we are unable to ship these items. The Belmont Marketplace is intended to provide convenient delivery of needed items to students living on campus.

    What shipping address do I enter for my DormCo order?

    To ensure that your order is shipped to campus and ready to be delivered to your room, please enter your shipping address when ordering from DormCo as follows:

    SHIP TO:
    Student Name: 
                      Student First Name, Last Name
    Company:                           Student Residence Hall and Room Number (Very important!)
    Address Line 1:                  1900 Belmont Blvd.
    Apartment, Suite, Floor:   Attn: Belmont Marketplace (Also very important!)
    City, State, Zip:                   Nashville, TN 37212

    Where do I pick up my order?

    Your order through the Belmont Marketplace or DormCo will be delivered AND waiting in your room when you move to campus if you order before the deadline (July 23, 2021)! If you are off-campus, your DormCo order can be shipped to your off-campus location.

    Am I able to rent microfridges?

    All EcoMax multipliances purchased through the Belmont Marketplace program are purchase-to-own.

    Belmont does not partner to have a rental program. Belmont does offer a summer storage partnership with the UPS Store, which has a College Storage Program. In the late spring semester, they will be in the halls providing that service if you need it. So, if you are contemplating buying a fridge, but don’t want to haul it home each semester, consider our UPS College Storage Program.

    You can contact our on-campus UPS Store specifically about this program by visiting the Premier College Storage website.

    How do I know what products meet Residence Life guidelines

    All products listed on the Belmont Marketplace are in compliance with Belmont University Office of Residence Life Policies. If you end up ordering an item from DormCo that is found to be in violation, DormCo will flag this item in your purchase and let you know that is is not permittied at Belmont. You can then cancel the purchase of that specific item.

    The full list of what is allowed and not allowed in Belmont Residence Halls is available on our website under our move-in page here.